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Our Story Philosophy & Values


One night, long before we started Meiling Soaps, our handmade natural soap shop,   I laid down in bed next to my beautiful, sweet wife.  She had this look of distress on her face.  She said to me, "Honey, I don't know how to tell you this...but, I hate the way your soap smells."  I was shocked!  I felt terrible.  All this time, every night I come to bed after showering with a soap that she hates to smell!

I apologized for my ignorance all this time about her opinion of my soap choice.  It was one of the big brand soaps you see at every grocery store, and what I thought was the most bland smell available.

I told her I would find a new that we both liked.  And from that I set out to find the perfect soap.  One with a pleasant smell (that we both agreed on), that had great lather, and did not dry my skin out.  I went online and started my research.  From that, I bought about 20 different soaps and created a spreadsheet to keep track of all my results.  I tested and recorded  how the soaps felt, the lather, how long it lasted in the shower, and of course how my wife and I thought it smelled.

To my dismay, our favorite soap cost over $20 for  a 4 ounce bar!  Ouch!  And when I looked at the ingredients of all these soaps, I had no idea what was in it (please check out our ingredients page for full disclosure on everything we use in our soaps).  I thought to myself, there has to be a better that is all natural, no man-made chemicals, that produces a great lather, moisturizes, smells great, and won't cost a small fortune annually.

That was more difficult a search than I imagined.  So we started to make our own.  

Along the way, we came across an Herbology book that described the wonders of ginseng.  Through the centuries, the Chinese have used ginseng for healing and overall well-being.  They call it a "Qi Tonic".  Modern science has confirmed the beneficial properties of this qi tonic, one of which is its high in antioxidants which help defend against free radicals and environmental toxins.  We have harnessed the power of this qi tonic, infusing it within our ingredients to give your skin an added boost of antioxidants against a sometimes harsh world.

We created an amazing soap with natural ingredients that nourishes your skin and awakens the senses...a soap with a full, moisturizing lather that will have you looking forward to your next bath or shower, and feeling great afterwards.

And so we created a company focused on delivering natural bar soaps skin care products to you.  And since it all started with my lovely wife, I named the company after her.

I love you Meiling.

Our Values

"Good In...Good Out!"

It all starts with what we bring in to our products, all natural, organic and fair trade ingredients (no synthetics, no parabens, no sulfates, no toxins...ever!).  But that is just the beginning.

Our production process was designed with conservation & environmental sustainability in mind.  Water conservation is at the heart of all production design decisions.  In the first quarter of 2017, we redesigned our production process which resulted in over an 80% reduction in water use.

Energy conservation is also at the forefront of our production process.  All heated tanks are insulated and run on timers to ensure our facility runs as efficiently as possible.

We recycle as much material as we can, and use recycled materials when we can.  Our packaging is made from 30% post-consumer fiber, and designed to minimize the amount of packaging needed.  

Meiling Skincare is a "cruelty-free" company, we never test our products on animals, nor are any of our ingredients derived from animals.

But our values extend beyond our production, as we focus on the good we can bring out to the world.  Soap shavings are melted down, rebatched, and donated to local veterans organization, The Homeless Coalition, and our local Salvation Army.