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Body Scrubs: Himalayan Pink Salt or Sugar?

Body Scrubs...Sugar or Salt?

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There is nothing more satisfying than giving yourself a much-needed body scrub to remove built-up dead skin cells. Whether your skin is dry from the winter’s cold that has extracted all of the moisture out of you or it’s rough from dehydration - your skin is aching for a body polish. It’s time to hop into the shower and give yourself the gift of a glorious, moisturizing exfoliation. We are often vigilant about exfoliating our faces on a regular basis but tend to neglect the rest of our bodies.


Body Scrub Benefits


It’s time to find a suitable scrub to line up along your shower ledge so you don’t forget this vital part of your smooth skin regime. You want to constantly rid your body of the old cells to uncover the new, healthy skin layer beneath. Not only will your skin be revitalized by the massage motion but it also boosts your circulation and drains your lymph nodes. As you get older your skin shedding process slows down and it really needs a little help from you and a fabulous body scrub. An intensive body scrub lifts your mood because you are putting in the effort to nourish your skin.


So with this in mind, we started to develop our own body scrub product and we weren’t sure whether to choose to create a pink Himalayan salt scrub or Turbinado sugar scrub. They both sound fantastic and exotic but we had to find the right scrub for our brand. We did a little research…


Searching Under Mountain Ranges

pink salt bath

Pink Himalayan salt scrub granules have sharp angles and this makes for a super strong exfoliator that smooth’s really rough edges. This is the body scrub you gravitate towards when you need intensive assistance with dry areas like heels, elbows, knuckles. A great benefit of using salt for your scrub is that it is a natural anti-inflammatory for aching muscles. It can also draw toxins out of your body giving you an excellent detox (especially Epsom salts in the bathtub). The Himalayan crystal salt is over 99% pure, is mined 5,000 feet below the Himalayan Mountain Range and contains over 84 minerals and trace elements. If you use a salt scrub you can limit your exfoliation activities to only once a week as it can be quite abrasive on the skin. Remember that one should not use a salt scrub on your face as salt does dry out the skin. Be careful not to over scrub with salt to avoid skin irritations. We thought that a salt scrub seemed hardy and able to tackle the roughest dry skin on the planet.

Sweet and Sensitive

tourbinado sugar

We then turned out attention to Turbinado Sugar as a body scrub option. Firstly, sugar granules are rounder than those of salt and dissolve quickly in water. This means that it offers a milder scrub and can be used on the face and sensitive skin. As a natural humectant (draws moisture into the skin) it will help hydrate your skin. It also encourages skin cell turnover thanks to it’s glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) properties. Turbinado sugar scrub results in younger looking skin-lucky us.

It’s a gentler scrub choice. It won’t clog your pores and also restores balance to your skin’s natural oils. It’s also ideal for removing blemishes. Turbinado sugar is also a vegan-friendly product because it doesn’t come into contact with any kind of pet items when it’s being produced. (Usually processed whitened sugar gets produced along with bone fragments char).

The Meiling Skincare Verdict

If was a difficult choice to make as they are both excellent options but in the end we went for the softer approach, using Turbinado sugar that allows for more absorption of oil. We found that sometimes a salt scrub can result in microscopic tears in your skin. Also if you get salt in your eyes when you are doing a body scrub in the shower it can really burn! Sugar gives a milder, sweeter, gentler exfoliation. Sorry, salt - but sugar is the way we’re going to scrub!

That leads us to...

Introducing Meiling Skincare's Sunday Polish

After nearly a full year of research and development, Meiling Skincare is ready to release a "Beta" version of Sunday Scrub!

We think the scrub is absolutely amazing!

But we know it doesn't matter as much what we think...but what you think.

That is why we are releasing our Sunday Scrub in limited quantities first, to get your opinion.

Once we are convinced we have over-delivered on an incredible body scrub at a tremendous value...we will go into full scale production.

So, for the time being...please bear with us.  The packaging isn't right, we are still testing different labels, and our photography isn't perfect.

But after we hear of your experiences with Sunday Polish...those little details will be perfect.

The "Beta" Sunday Body Polish is now selling at $25.  There are competitors out there with inferior ingredients that are selling at over 2x that amount!

And once we go into full-scale production...our prices will likely increase a bit too (but don't worry...we won't be charging $50).

Check out our the "Beta" Meiling Skincare Sunday Scrub now!

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