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Butter Your Self!

she butter soap

Buttered Up & Naked...our unscented soap made with shea, cocoa, and mango butters has always been one of our most loved bar soaps.

It was designed to be the most gentle, nourishing soap for sensitive skin available...and I think we nailed it!

Over the years...we've found that it is not only a favorite for people with sensitive skin, but for all kinds of people.

The following are the most common reasons people love Meiling Skincare's Buttered Up & Naked:

  1. It is gentle on your skin.  With only 9 natural ingredients, each was selected to be gentle on your skin.
  2. It is all natural.  Each of the 9 ingredients are natural...and you know what they are (no weird compounds made in chemistry labs).
  3. It is unscented.  Many people use other products to help them smell good, and just want a soap that will clean well, leaving no scent behind.
  4. It is nourishing.  Each ingredient was also designed to heal and nourish damaged skin.
  5. Most ingredients are organic.  We say "most" because there is no such thing as organic water.
  6. It washes away clean, leaving your skin clean and moisturized.

We have customers with eczema and psoriasis that love this soap.

We have customers that just want a nice unscented soap.

We have customers that just want a natural soap that washes away clean and leaves their skin soft and moisturized.

And we have customers that just like the name.

Whatever your need is with should try Buttered Up & Naked!


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