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Interest in Natural Skincare

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What's the deal with the relatively low interest in natural skincare?

As you can see from the graph below from Google Trends, interest in natural skincare peaked in 2004, and bounced around the median until 2008.


Whenever I see graphs that have a sharp change in 2008, I think of the economic consequences from the "Great Recession".

Natural Skincare does tend to cost more due to the higher quality ingredients, leading many people to shift their buying patterns to cheaper skincare products during difficult times.

This was a major issue when we started Meiling Skincare. Before I started the company, I looked at all the natural soaps and thought, "this is ridiculous! I'm not paying that kind of money for soap!" Then I began to research the ingredients...and the dangers, known and unknown of some of them and thought, "I want the safest personal care products for myself and my family".

Using natural soaps derived from certified organic ingredients shouldn't have to break the bank. Many times, what we find is people save money because they don't have to buy body lotions anymore. Our soaps are incredibly moisturizing...naturally. It is rumored that big brand soaps strip out the glycerin in their soaps, which is a wonderful moisturizer, so they can add it in their lotions. I don't know if that is true. No one in the know is talking.

What I can tell you is we not only keep the glycerin (which is a byproduct of soap making) in our soaps, we also add more vegetable glycerin...making it an incredibly moisturizing, healing soap.

So in the end, I believe, and many of our customers believe as well, that the added prices of natural skincare products, and our natural soaps in particular,  save you a lot of money on secondary skincare products.

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