Liquid Soap Survey Results

Posted by Conrad Metz on

The Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who took our survey!  We had a great response (about 30% response rate)...and that really will help us make the kind of products you will love.

So here goes...

Question #1

Do you prefer bar or liquid soap for bathing?

  • Bar 43.14%
  • Liquid 56.86%

Bar of liquid soap

Question 2

Which scent of liquid soap would you prefer?

  • Relax 48%
  • Morning Wood 24%
  • Jasmine Ylang-Ylang 28%

Liquid soap essential oil scented

Question 3

Which would you prefer?

  • A soap made from organic oils and butters that cleans very well.  52%
  • A soap made from organic oils and butters with skincare benefits beyond cleansing...for a pricier, more luxurious soap.  48%

luxurious soap


And here's what we are going to do now.

We will make a Relax liquid bath soap!

This will be made with a lot of the same ingredients as our bar soap.  However, shea butter will not be included since it would harden back into solid form after formulating.

We will still have magnesium sourced from The Dead Sea infused into the soap!

Like we do with all products...we will release a beta version first.  This is where we bottle the soap with first draft packaging and labeling.

During this phase, we are going to be counting on you to tell us what you like (and more importantly what you don't like).  That way we can easily tweak the formulation before investing more in fancy packaging.

After our Relax Liquid Bath Soap is released, we will likely release a Morning Wood Liquid Bath Soap...and possibly one more that I'm calling "Rise".

We apologize that it has taken us this long to get going with the liquid soap (you've been asking for it ever since we launched)...but I think you're gonna love this soap!


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