Meiling Skincare Natural Soap

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Meiling Skincare's Natural Soap

Meiling Skincare's flagship line is natural soap, made with certified organic ingredients and responsibly handmade and made with love.

There are currently two major collections of soaps, the "Qi-Tonic & Shea Butter Natural Soaps" and the "Magnesium Soaps".

Qi-Tonic & Shea Butter Natural Soaps

Ginseng, also known as a qi-tonic, is a powerful root that has been used in Korean skincare for centuries.  Korean brides used to take qi-tonic baths the night before their wedding to brighten and purify their skin.

Today, Meiling Skincare adds the qi-tonic into the Clarity, Focus, Morning Wood, and Soothe soaps.  The ginseng qi-tonic not only helps purify and lighten skin, but also acts as a very gently exfoliant...gentle enough to enjoy every day.

 Magnesium & Shea Butter Natural Soaps

Transdermal magnesium has many health benefits including relaxing muscle tension and cramps, reducing the stress hormone, Cortisol, and assisting in better sleep.

Meiling Skincare enhances the Clarity, and Relax bars with magnesium sourced from the brine of The Dead Sea.

Natural Soaps with Organic Ingredients 

Meiling Skincare's natural soaps are made with certified organic ingredients.  The ingredients in the natural soaps that are not organic are water, and sodium hydroxide (both of which are required to make soap, and there is no such thing as organic water or organic sodium hydroxide).  If you remove the water and sodium hydroxide from the calculation, Meiling Skincare's natural soaps consist of  95% organic ingredients on average.

Verify our organic ingredients direct from our supplier provided organic certificate.



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