Meiling Skincare's Larger, More Efficient Production Facility Reduces Water Use and Waste

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We've been very busy the past couple months.  Our first holiday season was a great success thanks to you.  So first, thank you!

As a natural skincare company, organic ingredients are very important to us.  But along with that comes being an earth friendly company focused on sustainability and resource conservation.

Meiling Skincare's Larger, More Efficient Production Facility Reduces Water Use and Waste

Next, we've moved to a larger space!  We are now in Santa Ana, Ca.  This space allows us to grow quicker, because demand has been tough to keep up with.  If you see we are sold out on our website ( Meiling Skincare ), please check and see our inventory on Amazon.  Rarely are we sold out in both stores.

So, I'm happy to say we will be increasing our production to better meet demand, and have less sold out days in our stores.

Along with increased production, we've become a much more efficient company...reducing waste, and using recycled materials wherever possible.

Larger Natural Soaps at No Additional Cost to You!

Back in November, we released our new soap boxes, made from 100% recycled materials...and they are beautiful!  These boxes are slightly larger than our previous ones, which allows us to increase the size of our soap at no additional cost to you!  We are now rolling out the larger soaps, which are approximately 10% larger than the previous batches.

This is really exciting for us because it not only gives you 10% more soap for free, it reduces soap trimmings, making us much more efficient with our production.  Less waste, less footprint, more good for you and the earth.

We've Reduced Water Use By Over 70%!

That's right! least 70%!  With new production facility, we were able to redesign our production system.  And with that, we wanted to reduce our water use.

With our new production system...we were able to reduce water by way more than we set out to do.

We've got some more news coming soon (new products), which we will release information on shortly.  Just for a hint: Our name changed from Meiling Soaps to Meiling Skincare!

Thank you.

In Your Service,

Conrad Metz





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