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Meiling Skincare's New Organic Soap Packaging!

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We've got some new stuff for you!

First, our new packaging is on the shelves (and flying off)!  The packaging is made 100% from recycled materials, bringing it in line with our values as a company, and as a family.

We kept a lot of the design the same, but made some subtle changes which make a big difference.

Each box now has it's own unique accent color, which really looks beautiful.  

We also changed the formula of our Clarity bar, same amazing scent of citrus & herb organic essential oils, now longer lasting, has more lather, and is enhanced with magnesium!  

Magnesium is great for muscle aches, improved sleep, boosting energy, and healthier skin.

We'll be showing you some of our other updates soon.  Or if you just want to see for yourself, check out our website by clicking here!

In Your Service,

Conrad Metz



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