Secrets of Big Brand Soap: Ch. 1

Posted by Conrad Metz on

A lot of times, large companies become the target of criticism...unfairly.  Many became so big by being so great.  

One of my favorite soap companies (other than ours), is Rance.  It has an amazing history, and has produced incredible soap for centuries.  If you ever want to splurge on a luxury soap...try it.

And many other soap companies start small, where the founders are concerned about quality ingredients.  They get large enough by producing a fantastic product, and get bought out by a larger company.

That is where something unfortunate happens many times.

The parent company starts to change the formula...substituting some of the expensive quality ingredients, for cheaper, synthetic ingredients.  And we don't know the long term effects of these synthetics on a person...or our children.

At Meiling Soaps, we are concerned about our ingredients.  We use only Certified Organic Oils in the formulation of our soaps.  We do not use any synthetics...ever.  The only ingredients we use that are not certified organic are Sodium Hydroxide (an essential ingredient in soap), and water.  If there was such a thing as Organic Sodium Hydroxide...we'd use it.

We proudly display ingredients on each product page.  We also have a dedicated Ingredients Page, on our site, giving a more detailed description of the ingredient, and the benefits to you.


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