Why Rosehip Oil Is So Great For Your Skin

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Even before Conrad and I were married, I have had a love for all things skincare. I’m fortunate to have a husband that understands that I need my time to decompress after a long but cherished day with our four year old son. 

During this time, I like to experiment with different oils, creams, moisturizers and especially masks.

One thing that I noticed after having our son was that my skin changed. Most of this was mainly hormonal and the rest was a combination of lack of sleep from having a baby, sun exposure and - aging. That dreaded word. Ugh! 

hormonal skin changes
It was important for me to find a natural and yet effective solution to my changing skin, especially since I was nursing at the time. One of the things that I found which made a difference was rose hip oil.
Vitamins in Rosehip Oil
Rose hip oil is high in vitamins A, C and E.  Because of the high vitamin A and C content, this oil enables skin to be brighter and fight the free radicals which cause skin discoloration such as hyperpigmentation and age spots.
Rosehip oil antiaging
Rose hip oil also helps to stimulate collagen production in our skin which is vital to looking youthful.  It is also chock full of anti-inflammatory fatty acids.
low comedogenic scale oil
One thing that I especially love about rose hip oil is that even though it is very hydrating it doesn’t have the pore clogging abilities that coconut oil has. It rates a 0 on the comedogenic scale. The higher the number an oil rates, the more likely that oil is going to cause breakouts or clog pores.
non greasy moisturizing skin
When I put rose hip oil on my skin, placed a really nice protective moisture barrier without being too oily. 
When I was talking about how happy I was to Conrad with how my skin was improving with using rose hip oil, he had a really great idea. What a perfect ingredient to include in our liquid soap!
Many of us take care of the skin on our face but forget the rest of our bodies. 
That's why we created our line of skincare soaps.  All of our products must satisfy 3 criteria.
  1. Absolutely no synthetics!  Everything in our skincare products are 100% natural.
  2. As many organic ingredients as possible.
  3. It has to have skincare benefits.

That is what makes our natural skincare soaps so special.  Everything is designed from the highest quality natural ingredients to improve your skin.  It's not good enough that soap just cleanses well and smell great.  Meiling Skincare's natural skin care soaps are designed to improve your skin.

That is why we put Rosehip Oil in our line of liquid bath soaps.

Try some...and I'm sure you will notice an improvement in your skin (93% of our customers state an improvement in their skin).  And if you're not happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll send you your money back (and you still get to keep the soap)!


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