Will It Wash? Using Meiling Soaps to Clean Off Gun Oil

Posted by Conrad Metz on

naturally cleaning oil off hands
We have great clients.
And we love it when they write to us about their experiences with our soaps.  Many will talk about how great their skin feels and they love all the natural ingredients.
Every once in a while, someone tells us of a unique use for the soap...or an incredible story of our soaps washing something notoriously tough to clean.
This time, we've had a few gentleman write us, explaining how they use our Morning Wood soap to wash off gun oil.  
So when we hear from multiple people about this...we really take notice!
These men have claimed that getting all the oil off their hands after cleaning their guns was always very difficult.  Before finding our soaps, they usually used GoJo or Lava soap to get rid of the gun oil.  And even with that...it sometimes took up to three washings to get it all off!
If you've ever used GoJo or Lava...you know this is some heavy stuff!  It is used as an "industrial hand cleanser" to remove engine grease, gun oil, and other sticky lubricants.  
So in this episode of "Will It Wash?", we are testing out these claims.
Check out the video below...it's pretty amazing!
So if you have someone in your life who works with their hands, and needs a great cleaner...do them a favor and introduce them to Meiling Skincare's Morning Wood Soap!
It cleans some of the toughest greasy hands effectively...and will leave those hands more nourished.


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