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Smile Natural Soap with Skin Toning & Brightening, Detoxing & Collagen Boosting Powers

Ultra Hydrating Natural Smile Face & Body Bar by Meiling Skincare tones and brightens your skin while detoxing and boosting collagen production.  Ultra Hydrating Natural Soap for Face & Body Smile is a natural soap specially formulated to moisturize your skin like no other soap.  Rich in nourishing and hydrating organic oils, Smile moisturizes and nourishes your skin like a body oil, but retains the cleansing properties that has made Meiling Soaps famous. The Smile bar gains much of its hydrating powers from the organic avocado oil, organic olive oil, organic argan oil, and organic jojoba oil.  Most soaps claim to moisturize from coconut oil (which really doesn't moisturize your skin) and olive oil...perhaps a really good one would have...

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Magnesium Soap

Meiling Skincare's Magnesium Soap collection is scented with therapeutic-grade, organic essential oils and made with a perfect blend of ethically sourced organic coconut, palm, castor, and avocado oils with luxurious organic shea butter...creating a nourishing lather. Topical magnesium chloride has many benefits to the body, and magnesium deficiency is a growing problem around the world. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 60% of adults suffer from magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to: Gastrointestinal issues Hypertension and cardiovascular disease Impairment of exercise performance Coronary Heart Disease Issues with blood vessel lining Metabolic Syndrome Inflammation Stroke Migraines & Headaches Osteoporosis Asthma Decreased insulin sensitivity Although foods such as diary products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains are commonly rich in...

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Mother's Day Natural Soap Gift Sets

Mom will love this natural soap gift! As a Mother's Day special, Meiling Skincare created a 7 bar, and a 5 bar gift set. 7 Natural Soap Bar Gift Set The seven bar gift set includes one of each Meiling Skincare natural soap bar Buttered Up & Naked Clarity Focus Morning Wood Relax Smile Soothe The gift set comes pre-packaged in a natural basket with rafia stuffing on the bottom to make for a nice presentation for Mom. The seven bar gift set comes at a 25% OFF SAVINGS...priced at only $49.99. 5 Natural Soap Bar Gift Set The five bar gift set includes the more feminine scents (so you don't have to give Mom Morning Wood, or Focus).  The...

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Meiling Skincare Natural Soap

Meiling Skincare's Natural Soap Meiling Skincare's flagship line is natural soap, made with certified organic ingredients and responsibly handmade and made with love. There are currently two major collections of soaps, the "Qi-Tonic & Shea Butter Natural Soaps" and the "Magnesium Soaps". Qi-Tonic & Shea Butter Natural Soaps Ginseng, also known as a qi-tonic, is a powerful root that has been used in Korean skincare for centuries.  Korean brides used to take qi-tonic baths the night before their wedding to brighten and purify their skin. Today, Meiling Skincare adds the qi-tonic into the Clarity, Focus, Morning Wood, and Soothe soaps.  The ginseng qi-tonic not only helps purify and lighten skin, but also acts as a very gently exfoliant...gentle enough to...

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Meiling Skincare is Now A Green America Certified Business

We are proud to announce that Meiling Skincare is now a Green America Certified Business! The Green Business Network is a vibrant community of over 3,000 environmentally and socially responsibly businesses, the first and largest of its kind in the US.  The network is powered by Green America, the leading green economy non-profit whose mission is to harness the economic power of consumers and businesses to create a more just and sustainable economy. In order to receive a Green America Certification, we had to show proof Meiling Skincare is a "values-based" company, focusing on the principles of social justice and environmental sustainability.  Read more about our energy and water conservation practices and charitable practices by clicking  environmental sustainability. Furthermore, we...

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